Spice Money: How to earn money from it?

If you are at least 10th pass, then you should definitely read this post What is Spice Money, how to earn money from it, as Spice Money like public service center also gives us a chance to earn a lot of money by serving people.

What is Spice Money?

Spice Money is a portal through which you can make a lot of money by offering many services to people. If you do not have a computer, you can install and run the official App of Spice Money on your mobile and if you have a computer, you can manage this service from their official website.

On Spice Money, you get many services such as withdrawing money from your customer’s bank account, withdrawing statements, checking the balance, apart from making any changes to your customer’s PAN card or creating a new PAN card, mobile recharge, TV recharge, train ticket booking, bus ticket booking, etc.

How to make money with Spice Money

To earn money with Spice Money you have to go through three stages.

  • Downloading the Spice Money App on your mobile phone, or opening the Spice Money website on your computer
  • Registering in Spice Money App or website.
  • After registration, a call will come from the company for verification, and then you will get the Spice Money ID.
  • After getting the Spice Money ID, you have to take a fingerprint scanner and then start working.

To earn money from Spice Money, first of all you have to take its ID, for this, if you have a mobile, then after downloading this app from the Play Store, you have to register in it and if you have a computer then you can go to their website Can register

After the registration is complete, you will get a call for verification. After the verification is done, when you get its ID, then you have to take a fingerprint scanner and then you start working.

To know the full process of Spice Money registration to get Spice Money ID, watch the video below, in this video, which document is required for Spice Money Registration and how to complete the registration, it has been told the full process.

What is Spice Money Micro ATM Machine?

You can also get a micro ATM of Spice Money and through this ATM machine you can withdraw money and give it to them through your customer’s ATM card. When we have to withdraw money from the ATM machine, we go to the ATM machine near us, insert our debit card and then withdraw the money.

But if you have a micro ATM of Spice Money which is a small machine, then your customer does not need to search for an ATM machine, through their ATM card you can withdraw money and give it to them. You get a commission.

And to get this micro ATM, you do not have to go to any shop, when you get the ID of Spice Money, then you visit their app or website, then there is an option to buy a micro ATM machine online. Can buy the machine.

If you do all these services for your customer, then you get commission. If you know about Jan Seva Kendra, then these services are also similar, maybe you have applied for your Jan Seva Kendra before and you have not received approval, then you can try Spice Money.

If you start a Jan Seva Kendra, then the ID has to be taken separately to work the PAN card there, the railway ticket booking ID has to be taken separately, the money transfer ID has to be taken separately, whatever services you have You have to take a separate ID for what you want to do in a public service center, but with the same ID in Spice Money, you can use all the services mentioned above.

Spice Money Settlement Account

When you make a payment from your customer’s Aadhaar card through AEPS or any other portal, the payment is debited from your customer’s account and the money that comes from it goes to your wallet of that portal. And when you transfer that money to your account, then there are some charges in it.

But if you keep the Spice Money Settlement Account running, then all the money that comes in your Spice Money goes directly to your bank account through the Spice Money Settlement Account, there is no charge in it.

You will do any transaction in Spice Money and whatever money will come directly to your bank account, then this is the benefit of Spice Money Settlement Account, you will be able to avoid the hassle of paying the charge by repeatedly transferring it from your Violet to the bank. Huh.

Various Service of Spice Money

Spice Money Pay

Through Spice Money Pay, you can pay electricity bill, recharge mobile, pay mobile postpaid bill, recharge DTH, pay broadband bill, pay landline bill, water or gas Pay the bill, improve PAN card or apply for a new PAN card.

Micro ATM

Spice Money Micro ATM is a small ATM machine, if you buy it, through this small ATM machine, you can withdraw money with your customer’s ATM card, and also check the balance balance.

A finger print device is required to run this small ATM machine. You can take this device from Mantra, Morpho, Secugen, Startek or Precision. These four devices support to run this small ATM machine.

To Withdrawal your customer’s money from Spice Money Micro ATM, you will first choose cash withdrawal, then you will choose whichever of these four finger print devices you have, then enter your customer’s mobile number, then enter the Aadhaar number, Then enter the amount, then choose the bank, and then click on scan fingerprint and submit at the bottom of the last.

Through micro ATM machine, you can also extract mini statement of your customer and can also see their transaction history. To get a Micro ATM machine, you must have the following documents.

  • colour Aadhar card both side
  • PAN card
  • Bank passbook या cheque book
  • passport size photo
  • email ID
  • mobile number
  • You must already have a Spice Money ID

When you get the Spice Money ID, then you will be able to order the Micro ATM Machine from their website and an ATM machine will be sent to your address.

How to use Spice Money Mini ATM Machine?

Spice Money Mini ATM Machine is very easy to use, you have to swipe your customer’s ATM card in the mini ATM machine and then you can withdraw your customer’s bank account balance and money.

To know what is Spice Money Mini ATM Machine and how to use it, watch the YouTube video made by Spice Money below.

Using Spice Money Mini ATM Machine
b2b Spice Money AEPS Commission List A

In Spice Money, you have to work under two plans, first is Plan A and second is Plan B. If you work in Plan A, then if you make a transaction ranging from Rs.200 to Rs.299, then you get a commission of 50 paise. Similarly, you get more commission in transactions of more than this and we are giving its list in the table below.

200 ₹ – 299 ₹.50 ₹
1000 ₹ – 1499 ₹1 ₹
1500 ₹ – 1999 ₹3 ₹
2000 ₹ – 2499 ₹4 ₹
2500 ₹ – 2999 ₹5 ₹
3000 ₹ – 7999 ₹7 ₹
8000 ₹ – or above10 ₹
Spice Money AEPS Commission List B

A little more or less around the commission that was in Plan A, there is also a commission in Plan B, whose list we are giving in the table below.

200 ₹ – 299 ₹.50 ₹
1000 ₹ – 1499 ₹1 ₹
1500 ₹ – 1999 ₹3 ₹
2000 ₹ – 2999 ₹3 ₹
3000 ₹ – 3499 ₹10 ₹
3500 ₹ – 10000 ₹5 ₹
What is the age limit for taking Spice Money ID?

If you are 18 years or more, then you can become a Spice Money Agent, that is, you will get a Spice Money ID.

Can I get a Spice Money ID without a Pan Card?

To get a Spice Money ID or to become an agent of Spice Money, you must have an Aadhaar card along with a PAN card.

If you fulfill all the requirements to become a Spice Money Agent, then within 24 to 48 hours of applying, you will get the ID of Spice Money i.e. you will become a Spice Money Agent.

And finally

If you applied for CSC, you want to open a public service center and your form has been rejected, then you can try for Spice Money, there is less services in it but you will be able to do many things from the same portal. And you will be able to earn a lot of commission.

We have got complete information about how to earn money from Spice Money here and we will also like to know about this post, along with registration in Spice Money, and hope that you will like it very much.

If you have any questions about this post, what is Spice Money, you have any suggestions or you want to ask any question, then please reach in the comment box below and write your suggestion or question.

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