How To Use 2 WhatsApp With 1 Number in Mobile?

How to run Do Whatsapp from Ek Number? (How To Use Two WhatsApp With One Number) Mobile. WhatsApp app is the most used social media in the whole world. We have already told about it. How to install WhatsApp? 

And how to run WhatsApp? . How to run two WhatsApp from one number in Android mobile phone? 

If you are looking for it then you have come to the place. We tell you first that two WhatsApp accounts cannot be installed from one number. But two WhatsApp accounts can be run from one number. 

Just like our WhatsApp is installed, it will not happen. Because it is impossible to create 2 WhatsApp accounts from one number.

If you want to run two WhatsApp accounts from one number, then its only trick and tips is that you can connect WhatsApp account. Which will look alike in both, and all the message numbers will appear in it. Will work perfectly like what works in WhatsApp Official.

That is, we can connect someone’s WhatsApp Account. And after connecting WhatsApp account, you can see all its chatting messages, read and send SMS too. Today we will know all about it in Hindi. Let’s start how to run Ek Number Se do WhatsApp Account in your mobile phone?

How to run a Do WhatsApp Account from Ek Number? 

1. First of all open any internet browser in your smartphone like Chrome, internet browser

2. Then go to Settings in Chrome Browser and tick (click) on the Desktop Site. (Because it will open in full size like WhatsApp Computer and it will be easier to run WhatsApp).

3. After opening the browser, search by typing .

4. Now you will see the QR code created (exactly the image shown below).

WhatsApp QR Code Scan ek Number se do whatsapp chalaye

Open Friend’s WhatsApp and scan the QR Code

Whatsapp Web se whatsapp kaise chalaye

5. Now open Friend’s WhatsApp and click on the menu on the right side above and click on WhatsApp Web .

6. Camera will open as soon as you click on WhatsApp Web.

7. Once the camera is open, scan the QR Code in the Chrome browser opened on your mobile.

whatsapp QR code scan screenshots

WhatsApp will be connected in a while. And WhatsApp will start running in the Chrome browser on your mobile. Now you can watch all the SMS, messages, videos of friends. can read. If you want, you can also run Chrome instead of Chrome Browser in Mobile.

In this way, how was the information to run two WhatsApp from one number. Ek Number Se Do WhatsApp can be run in this way. If you are talking about running two WhatsApp in one mobile, then you will definitely share about it. If you are facing any kind of problem in running or connecting WhatsApp, then you can definitely ask for the answer by commenting below.

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