How to Download Google Hindi input tools?

Do you want to write something in Hindi language?

If yes, then Download Google Hindi Input Tool can help you a lot to write anything in Hindi language. We also know it by the name of Google Hindi keyboard or Google Hindi typing tool. If you are not in any corner of the world, you can easily use Google Hindi input tool to write something in Hindi / Devanagari script.

For your information, let me tell you that Google has stopped using this tool Google Input Tools for some years. This is the reason why you cannot see it on their official site. But yes, if you want, there are many ways through which you can use Google Hindi input tool to write something in Hindi.

This is the reason that in today’s article, we will get complete information about what is Google Hindi Input Tools and how you can download Google Hindi Input Tools. Hope you will definitely like this effort of ours.

So let’s start from the beginning.

What is Google Input Tool?

oogle Input Tool is a very good typing tool with the help of which anyone can write in any locale or global language. Google Input Tools allows you to write in many styles and dialects. At the same time, this tool is completely free to use.

Google Input Tools for Windows is  an editor that allows you to write articles in any of the supported languages ​​using QWERTY or English keyboard .

DeveloperGoogle LLC
Stable release1.1.2.4
Available inEnglish

What is Google Hindi Input Tools?

Google Hindi Input Tools is a part of Google Input Tools in which you can write an article only in Hindi language. This tool has been prepared by Google. If you want to use this tool, you can use it online or offline. At the same time, this tool is completely free to use.

Download Google Hindi Input Tools

If you want to download Google Hindi input tool then you have to click on the link given below. After clicking on the link, the tool will be automatically installed on your computer or laptop. This was offline Tariq from which you can use this tool. Next we will know how you can use Google Hindi Input Tools


Hindi Input Tools for Windows 10

Here I have told about all those steps, using which you can download Google Hindi Input Tools for Windows 7 .

1. You can download Google Hindi input tools for your Windows 10 computer, from Click Here . On clicking, you will get the GoogleInputHindi.exe setup file . It will be downloaded automatically, otherwise click on download.

2. After this you have  to press on the setup file to install Google Input Tool on your PC or laptop .

3. Then press ” Yes ” button when you are asked for approval, the installation process will start immediately after that. Once successfully, you will see a ” Finished ” message in front of you .

4. Now you can use Ctrl + G to switch between Hindi and English language or press on desktop language bar to choose your preferred language.

5. When you want to write something in Hindi language, then you have to choose ” Google Input Tools Hindi “, for which you can use Alt + shift keys and start writing in English, the word you have written automatically in Hindi Will be converted to.  

Hindi Input Tools Offline Installer Download

If you do not always have internet facility available, then you will need a lot of Google Hindi Input Tools Offline Installer. Therefore, to download Google Hindi Input Tools Offline Installer, you can easily download the Offline Installer of this tool by clicking on the link given above.

Different ways to use Google Hindi Keyboard

Here are several ways that you can use Google Hindi Keyboard using your Windows, Mac, Chrome, Android, or any other operating system.

1. Online Google Input Tools/Google Hindi Keyboard

If you want to use Google Hindi input tool online, then you have to bookmark the link given below.

2. Google Input Tools Chrome Extension

Chrome is a very popular browser and is on trend. If you wish, you can install the Google Hindi Keyboard Chrome Extension given at the link below.

Google Input Tools allows Chrome Extension users to use predefined keyboard shortcuts as well as to create their own shortcuts via the “Keyboard shortcuts” setting page.

3. Google Input Tools for Chrome OS

Many of you may not know this, but Chrome OS is also very famous. Google Input Tools is also available for Chrome OS.

4. Google Indic Keyboard for Android

Android users can easily install Google Indic Keyboard from the Google Play store. You can type any Indian language using this keyboard. To type in Hindi, you have to choose Hindi language.

  • Download from Google Play

5. Google Hindi Keyboard for Windows

By the way, Google Hindi keyboard has been discontinued for Windows (Offline Installer). But also you will get Google Hindi input download link from Asani. We have already told you above about this topic.

Google Hindi Input Tools Free Download

For your convenience here, I have provided a link to both Google Input Tools and Google Hindi Input Tools. By clicking on them, you can easily use them as per your convenience.

  • Download Google Input Tools here
  • Download Google Hindi Input Tool here

Is Google Input Tools Free?

Yes, Google Input Tools is completely free. Regardless, why are you using Google Input Tools in any language. You can use these Google Input Tools online as well as offline. In the above article I have told you how you can download Google Input Tools Offline Installer for Windows 7, 8, and 10 and use it for free.

Where can we download Google Input Tools?

To download Google Input Tools, we can use the link mentioned above. Since this tool has now been discontinued by Google, therefore, you will not see its download link on the official Google site.

Why is Google Input Tools not working?

 The team of Google Input Tools has officially confirmed that this tool is no longer available for download or installation in the official site. At the same time, if you want,  you can use Google Input Tools Chrome extension instead.

Can we use Google Input Tools in MS Word?

Yes, you can use Google Input Tools in MS Word. If you want to use Google Input Tools in MS Word then you have to use Google Input Tools Offline Installer.

Why Google Hindi Input Tools is no longer available on Windows Official Website?

Google Hindi Input Tools has been removed from the Google official website. Because Google has stopped using this tool completely. This is the reason that Google Hindi Input Tools is no longer available on Windows Official Website .

Where is Google Input Tools used?

 We can use Google Input Tools to write something in our preferred language. At the same time, the best thing is that Google Input Tools is completely a free tool. At the same time, we can use it online as well as offline.

How does Google Input Tools work?

The way Google Input Tools works is very beautiful. In this, when you type something in English, then it is automatically changed and shown in your regional language. For example, when you type “Namaste”, you get “Namaste” written if you are using Google Hindi Input Tool.

what did you learn today

Today we learned in this article how you can use Google Hindi Input Tools by downloading it. This is a great tool to use on your PC (Windows, macOS) and Android. Through this, you can write in any regional languages ​​easily.

If you liked the information provided by us, how to download Google Hindi input tools, then definitely share this article with your friends. For such excellent and useful information, keep visiting our blog regularly.

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