Beginners: Never Make These Mistakes in Blogging!

we had mentioned the blogging mistakes that a blogger must make so that he can learn blogging well.

Every mistake definitely teaches us something. While there are some mistakes that we can rectify (we talked about these mistakes in a previous post), while there are some mistakes for which we can only regret that we are not able to rectify them!

Never Make These Mistakes in Blogging!

In today’s post, we are going to talk about some similar blogging mitexes that you should avoid. Here are some such big mistakes –


A lot of people don’t think of names before creating a blog … they go directly to the blog builder website and when there is an option to name the blog, the name starts thinking. I also did something similar, luckily I got the right name;)

But don’t do it at all.

Before creating a blog, do a few days research about its name and URL. Confirm which topics to write on your blog mainly. This way you will be able to handle the blog easily.

2). URL Mistakes (URL MISTAKES):

At the time most people start blogging, they do not know much about technical things.

They are not aware of the correct Url structure. They do not know very well what kind of URLs can be ranked in Google. 

Therefore it is important that you research thoroughly about the correct URL structure before creating a blog so that you do not have any type of problem related to SEO later.

A small tip is to avoid the dates in the URLs of your blog, if possible.

For example, instead of it would be better to have your blog’s URL than SEO’s perspective.

3). Don’t Change URLs Frequently:

There are many people who change their URL repeatedly after creating a new blog. They feel that it will not make much difference but it is not so. 

Repeatedly changing the URL of a blog or a blog post has a very negative effect on the SEO of the blog. Think of it like this …

If you give a new URL to your blog, then the authority that you have earned in the eyes of Google, all ends automatically and you have to revisit the authority for the new URL. 

So before making a blog, think of a good name and URL for the blog in advance, this will make your blog better. 

4). Do not write too much content in the beginning (DON’T PUBLISH TOO MUCH CONTENT):


I know that many of you must be looking a little opposite, but this is completely true.

But how? Let us know-

First reason – there are more than 1 billion blogs in the world of internet today. That is, 1 blog for every 7 people. This figure is quite large. This shows that there is no shortage of content on the Internet today. There is a shortage on the Internet today, just good content. Therefore, do not pay attention to writing more content. Write less content, but whatever you write, try to write it in the best way.

Personally, it takes me three to four days to write articles many times i.e. around 10 to 12 hours !! Before writing an article, you should research about it thoroughly on the Internet. Now think how you write it so that even a child studying in 5th class can understand it. This way you will be able to write better content.

The second reason – most people write very unnecessarily in the beginning. Their writing skills and ON PAGE SEO are very poor. Now when they write a lot of content, they have a lot of trouble later because they have to edit and write the posts written in the beginning. So in the beginning write only 2 posts in a week but give them your best.

Many believe that Google gives more value to the blog by constantly updating it. On the basis of my experience so far, I would say that according to the year 2020, this is not true. According to today, this is just a myth, although it was quite true till 5-10 years ago. But now the situation has changed. 

5). Do not spam (DON’T SPAM!):

Initially most bloggers are rooted in creating backlinks. They think that if they made backlinks then Google directly ranked their posts on the top. It does not happen my brother! Everything takes time in blogging.

Nubi bloggers comment in other big blogs and put their link in them. They feel that this is getting them backlink and increasing the authority of their blog. Do not do this. It works but only when you are naturally commenting.

Better than this, you guest post on other blogs and create backlinks in this way. This method is more effective.


In the beginning people share the link of their blog to friends and tell them that “Brother, please check my blog .. please just look.” 
They think that viewing is everything … and views only get paid. If you think so, then let me tell you that this is blogging, you are YouTube… Blog has to be read here and not seen !!

So, don’t just focus on increasing views, also focus on keeping people on your blog.

Try to give readers the option to subscribe by email, also give Bell Subscription and at the same time ask them to join Facebook or WhatsApp group so that you can become a regular audience and your blog will be read on daily basis. Start doing it.

TIP- Don’t just focus on getting people to join, rather give value to them and really help them so that they keep coming to your blog again and again. Apart from this, ask them also what they want that the next post on our blog should be published on. This way you can become a good blogger.

7). Avoid even these small mistakes-

  • Paying too much attention to increasing likes on Facebook page – Facebook page is no longer of great use because very few people visit our website… Better than you create Facebook or WhatsApp group. 


Mistakes are inevitable in any new work and mistakes are the things that teach us that work. So make mistakes. But there are some mistakes which can do us very deep harm, it is better to avoid them. In this article, we have made some similar mistakes related to blogging.

So guys, this was our today’s post on “Early Blogging Mistakes Initial Blogging Mistakes ” . How did you like this article, tell us through the comment and if you have any questions, definitely ask it too. Join us on Facebook  so that you can get new post updates.

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