How to Advance SEO Settings in Blogger Blog

How to set Advance SEO in Blogger Blog? Knowing this is very important for every blogger. Because to make the blog seo friendly, you have to do some advance SEO settings on your blog.

In this post, I will tell you about how to enable Advance SEO setting in Blogger blog. Due to which you can make your blogspot blog seo friendly

Why Advance SEO Settings in Blogger Blog

To make blog seo friendly, you can use Yoast SEO Plugin on WordPress. But you cannot use any plugin on Blogger.

So the blogspot team has made some Advance Features to make the blog SEO friendly. By enabling them, you can make your blogger blog completely SEO friendly.

And Shirf seo friendly blog only appears on search engine. Therefore it is very important to do SEO setting in Blogspot blog.

How to set Advance SEO in Blog

Setting up seo on Blogger blog is very easy. Follow the steps given below and make your blogger blog seo friendly.


To set up Blogger blog on advance label, you should first click on the settings from the dashboard of your blog.

Then, below Basic

Title: Put your blog title on it, you can make your blog title only on your blog URL.

Description: Here you have to tell about your blog in 500 words.

Blog Language: On this, you select the language of the blog.

Adult Content: Let it be

Google Analytices Property ID: On this, you have to add the ID of Google analytics . You can track your blog.

Favicon: On this you will have to upload and create a favicon of 100kb Square.

Step 2

In Privacy, you turned on Visible to search engines.

blog me advance seo setting kaise enable kare

Step 3

You can change your blog address in publishing. And if you want to add new domain then you can do it by adding custom domain.

blog me advance seo setting kaise enable kare

Step 4

Turn on HTTPS Redirect

blog me advance seo setting kaise enable kare

Step 5

Leave the permission section as is. And then on post,

blog me advance seo setting kaise enable kare

Max Post Show On Main Page: Select how many posts you want to show on the home page.

Post Template: Leave it as is

Image Light Box: Turn On

Ideas Panel: Turn it on too

Steps 6

Now in the Comments section,

blog me advance seo setting kaise enable kare

Comment Location: Embedded select

Who Can Comments?: Anyone (Including Anonymous) select

Comment moderation: Always tick

Reader comment captcha: Turn this off, because no one likes to comment on the blog by captcha verify.

Step 7

Let the next email section be like this and setup the Formatting below as a screen shot.

blog me advance seo setting kaise enable kare

Step 8

Now turn on the Meta Tags and write about your blog in 150 words in the search description. This will show under your blog title.

How to set advance seo in blog

Step 9

Next you let Errors and redirects stay like this. And in Crawlers and indexing,

How to set advance seo in blog

Enable custom robots.txt: को enable करे।

Click on Custom Robot Txt: and then past this code.

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

It has to which you can add the URL of your site.

Enable custom robots header tags: on

Home page tags: All select

Archive and search page tags: Noindex Tick
Post and page tag: All select

Now you can verify your domain by clicking on Google Search Console.

And let the settings below remain like this. Because the new blog does not need them yet.

Finally, Advance SEO Settings have been made on your blogger blog. Now do not forget to tell me how did you feel about the information? Or if there is any question, then tell it on the comment box below.

I will be happy to help you.

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