Happy Death Day 2U


College student Tree Gelbman wakes up in horror to learn that she’s stuck in a parallel universe. Her boyfriend Carter is now with someone else, and her friends and fellow students seem to be completely different versions of themselves. When Tree discovers that Carter’s roommate has been altering time, she finds herself once again the target of a masked killer. When the psychopath starts to go after her inner circle, Tree soon realizes that she must die over and over again to save everyone.


I have to say I thought the first Happy Death Day film was pretty darn good, and although I was not expecting a sequel, it turned out much better than expected too.  I think my number one problem with this film is that I feel like it wasn’t needed.  Everything was wrapped up nicely at the end of the first with no real need for anything else. However, money talks and the first film had a solid box office meaning that this one was rather inevitable.


This one borders on the ridiculous side for most of its runtime, but that’s also what provides a lot of its charm. There is a significant science aspect that is never really explained, but you except it for what it is and move on because some weird science exposition is not what you went to the theater for.  This “franchise” I guess we can call it that now is actually really entertaining.  Most of that is because of the lead performance from Jessica Rothe.  Without her both of these films wouldn’t be near as good as they are.


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