On the eve of D-Day, American paratroopers drop behind enemy lines to penetrate the walls of a fortified church and destroy a radio transmitter. As the soldiers approach their target, they soon begin to realize that there’s more going on in the Nazi-occupied village than a simple military operation. Making their way to an underground lab, the outnumbered men stumble upon a sinister experiment that forces them into a vicious battle against an army of the undead.


I am a pretty big fan of the Wolfenstein games, and Overlord plays out a lot like one of them.  There really aren’t a lot of movie like Overlord made anymore.  The reason for this is quite clear, not enough people go to see something like this, and wow that is such a shame.  Overlord is striking blend of horror and historical fiction.  It isn’t trying to be anything incredibly special, but succeeds in being relentless entertainment.

2921306.jpg-r_1280_720-f_jpg-q_x-xxyxx  I was expecting the fun adventure that Overlord was, but I wasn’t expecting awesome war sequences and the fantastic performances.  Overall, this is an incredibly well directed movie.  Julius Avery really is able to bring you into this story and directs in an incredibly investing way.  The performances are solid across the board here.  No one really stands out because they are all consistently on the same level.  My one complaint is that the middle of this movie feels a bit sluggish.  Compared to pedal to the floor start and finish, the middle feels a little bit out of place.


The best part of Overlord is that it knows exactly what it is.  It is not a period piece, but rather this crazy Call of Duty/Wolfenstein hybrid of a movie.  It is superbly directed and I had a blast watching it.  It feels so original even though it really shouldn’t.  There should be more movies like this and sadly hollywood just isn’t making them.


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