Slice is a 2018 American horror comedy film, written and directed by Austin Vesely. The film stars Zazie Beetz, Chance the Rapper, Rae Gray, Marilyn Dodds Frank, Katherine Cunningham, Will Brill, Y’lan Noel, Hannibal Buress, Tim Decker, Joe Keery, Chris Parnell and Paul Scheer.

slice-Movie-HD-Stills-and-Poster-2Ooof. This one is no good.  This one is no good at all.  I had a lot of interest in this film considering its interesting premise, but it fell so completely short of everything that I thought it would be.


The one good thing I think you can take away from Slice is the performances.  The cast is talented and it shows.  The material that they have to work however is pretty terrible.  This is a film that believes it is much funnier than it actually is.  I don’t think I laughed once, but the film actually gives a second for laughs inbetween lines.  There is one actor who give a good performance but I assume was truly embarrassed to read his lines.

slice-chance-the-rapper-movie-gqIt isn’t often that A24 tries to bury a film, especially one with rising star Zazie Beetz and the on-screen debut of Chance the Rapper.  I guess I should have saw it coming when this looked like a surefire wide release, and then at what seemed like the last minute and put it on streaming.  After about the first 5 minutes or so it became pretty obvious to me why this decision was made.  Maybe this could end up becoming a cult classic, but I really just don’t see that happening.


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