The Incredibles 2

In terms of highly sentimental movies from my childhood, The Incredibles is probably number one on that list.  I’ve watched the original quite a few times, and it’s hard to believe that we had to wait fourteen years for a sequel.  Thankfully the long wait was worth it as the Incredibles 2 is right on par with the original.


While the first film, had Mr. Incredible at the forefront of the family, this one is wise to make him a stay at home dad.  While his wife is out fighting crime, he is left to look after the kids, and it makes for some pretty comedic moments. He quickly learns all of the work that his wife did with the kids.  It does manage to not tread familiar ground when exploring stay at home dad tropes, which was refreshing.  One of the best parts of the original movie was baby Jack-Jack, and he is by far the best part of the sequel as well.  Every scene with him is “incredibly” good.


What makes the Incredibles work so well  is the family dynamic.  Trying to watch a family of superheroes balance normal things is highly entertaining.  The outlandish characters are also part of what made the first film so special.  One of those being the infamous Edna Mode.  She only has a few minutes of screen time here, but has one of the funniest scenes of the movie for sure.  I wish she had more screen time, but there probably wasn’t a natural way to add her in to the rest of the story.


The two problems I have with Incredibles 2 stem from the story.  I found it to be pretty predictable for one.  The other has to do with the connection between the main story elements.  Half of the movie is Elastigirl fighting crime, and the other half is Mr. Incredible home with the kids.  These two stories feel disconnected at times, and don’t always mesh together well.


It is hard to argue that the first Incredibles film is one the best animated films of all time, this one isn’t quite on that level, but is one the best animated features of the last 5 years.   It’s not as good as the original, but that was a lofty goal to reach anyway.  If you are like me and remain a huge fan of the original, this is sure to satisfy.





Special Thanks to Disney and The Owens Group for the screening invite



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