Hotel Artemis

Hotel Artemis will forever be known as the movie that copied the John Wick hotel, and completely messed it up.  I’m all for this stellar cast, but the execution of this movie was nothing to admire.  What should have been done on a small and contained scale, includes an alarming amount of subplots, and really stupid future apocalypse gimmick that you’ve seen thirty times already.


If was as if every member of this cast besides Jodie Foster was only available for one day of shooting.  I usually like Foster, but found her to be pretty boring in this one.  Jeff Goldblum is literally in this movie for 5 minutes, collecting one of the easiest paychecks of his career.  Zachary Quinto is the same, and pretty bad in his few scenes.  Charlie Day is walking around yelling at people and his phone.  Jenny Slate who is very talented, is used as a blatant plot forwarding device.  Her only use in this movie is to help add some background to Foster’s character.  Background that is incredibly generic, and that I didn’t care about at all.  If anything I thought that it made her character even less likable.

hotel-artemis-dave_bautista_jodie_foster_credit_global_road_entertainment.jpg   This movie does have a few cool action set pieces.  However, they are all saved for about the last ten minutes.  If the entire movie had been filled with these moments, this could have a been a solid action flick.  Overall, this I found Hotel Artemis to be dull and boring.  Not exactly a hotel you want to check into anytime soon.


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