Over the past few months I’ve been hearing tons of hype for this movie.  I was trying to be careful with my expectations, but it’s safe to say that they were pretty high.  I also heard quite a bit about Hereditary being incredibly messed up, and its safe to say that I was not prepared….not even close.


A24 has been churning out gems for quite some time now, and this film may go down as one of their finest achievements.  This is the feature length debut by director Ari Aster.  Emphasis on the word “debut” because not one aspect of this movie feels like it was made by a guy working on his first feature length film.  This is a movie that is crafted in such a professional way, that immediately establishes Aster as one of the best working horror directors.


Hereditary follows a family during the aftermath of the passing of their grandmother, who wasn’t exactly beloved.  As the film goes on, more layers are peeled back, and we learn more about the this family and all of the dysfunction they have had over the years.  The film brilliantly  uses its characters, and their various ways of dealing with grief to relay exposition.  Toni Colette has been really good in a lot of movies, but she has never been on the level she operates on in Hereditary.  She is one hundred percent worthy of an Oscar nomination for this performance.  Hopefully the academy can ignore the fact that this a genre film, and show it some love.  Alex Wolff is also very good here, and definitely has a bright future ahead of him.  Some serious props should be given to the sound, and set design crews.  This is a movie that you should see in theaters, just to experience the glorious surround sound.  The lighting is also incredibly creepy, and gets under your skin.  If you can do this with something like lighting, than you are undoubtedly on the right track.


Make no mistake , the real star here is Ari Aster.  To write and direct a movie like this, with such attention to detail is nothing short of extraordinary.  I am beyond excited for his next project.  This is a horror gem and easily one of my favorites of the past few years.  One has to wonder what would we do without A24.  They have consistently put out some of the best indie films in recent memory.  Hereditary blurs the line between independent and mainstream horror.  If you are a fan of horror films, Hereditary is a movie you should support, and without a doubt a film you have to go see.


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