Deadpool 2

Is is hard to review a movie that is so self aware, and non serious that even criticizing it seems pointless.  Pointing out the flaws of Deadpool 2 seems pointless as well, because the movie is so aware of its own shortcoming that it plays them for comedy.  I really enjoyed this film because it took a great first movie, earned a larger budget, and used it to its advantage.


Ryan Reynolds has become synonymous with Deadpool at this point, and for good reason.  He owns the role, and is again the best part of his own movie.  Zazie Beetz as Domino was also incredibly great, and really stole a lot of the film.  Josh Brolin plays a great Cable, and it is easy to forget that he was also Thanos, until Deadpool reminds us of course.  Jullian Dennison is great as well, and if you haven’t seen Hunt For the Wilder-People you really should. The point is, the movie is cast impeccably well.  The character work here is great, and helps elevate the movie to a point I didn’t think it would go.  There is a surprising amount of emotion behind Deadpool 2.  The first film had this too, but it felt mostly phoned in and secondary to the comedy.  However in this film, the comedy and heartfelt aspects are on an equal playing field.


More of the jokes land in this film than the first one.  It is also more non-stop than than its predecessor.  There really isn’t a second to breathe, and that comes off as both a good, and bad thing.  I think that the first half hour or so is very clunky, that is minus the first five minutes and awesome opening credits though.


Overall, Deadpool 2 manages to be a better time than the first movie.  It strikes a more emotional cord and mixes its humor very well.  It does feel a bit slow in parts and rushed in others, but above all, it is the stress relieving good time that comic book movie fans needed after the emotional rollercoaster that was Infinity War.



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