Jen goes on a desert getaway with her boyfriend.  When he is away she is raped by one of his friends.  Instead of defending her, he tries to cover it up.  This was a mistake, as their hunting trip becomes much more deadly than previously expected.


Revenge is exactly what it claims to be.  It is a bloody, visually explosive, fever dream, Kill Bill inspired revenge film.  This is one of the more hypnotic films I’ve seen recently.  Neon is developing a reputation with sun drenched movies with badass female heroines.   Last year’s The Bad Batch is an example of this, and a film that captured my attention similarly to the way that this one did.


Revenge is by all standards a genre film.  If you love “Revenge” style action thrillers than this movie is for you.  If you don’t like these kind of films, then naturally you probably won’t be very fond of this one.  These types of movies are made all of the time, but what makes this one special, is the fabulous direction by French filmmaker Coralie Fargeat.  The style of the film along with some very unique shot composition help elevate Revenge above the norm for these kind of movies.  That said, Revenge doesn’t really do anything that we haven’t seen before, it is treading familiar ground, but the way that it goes about this is what makes it an entertaining watch.


The most obvious comparison for Revenge is definitely Kill Bill.  Along with both of the Kill Bill films, Revenge is not exactly using blood very sparingly.  I applaud the filmmaker for absolutely going for it in this film as well.  There is never anything that isn’t shown.  It doesn’t shy away from some things that can be considered disturbing to most audiences.  While this is obviously meant to have a fantasy like feel to it, these moments gave the film a heightened sense of realism.  However, the small splashes of realism are not a common occurrence, and you do definitely need to have a suspension of disbelief in other parts or you will most certainly check out early.

With Revenge you know exactly what you’re getting before you even hit play.  The film’s style plays off very well, in what becomes an extremely entertaining Mad Max meets Kill Bill style action flick.  This has me excited to see Coralie Fargeat does in the future.  I would love to see her take on a Tomb Raider sequel personally.  Revenge was a very impressive debut for her, and definitely worth a watch.




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