Life of the Party


When her husband suddenly dumps her, longtime and dedicated housewife Deanna turns regret into reset by going back to college. Unfortunately, Deanna winds up at the same school as her less-than-thrilled daughter. Plunging headlong into the campus experience, the outspoken new student soon begins a journey of self-discovery while fully embracing all of the fun, freedom and frat boys that she can handle.


I have to admit that I wasn’t exactly excited for this film.  This considered, I didn’t walk out hating it.  Melissa McCarthy is rather hit and miss for me.  This movie wasn’t exactly a “hit” but its not awful.  There are a few laughs, but it seems much more concerned with playing on all the usual comedy tropes rather than doing anything different.

life-of-the-party-gillian-jacobs-jessie-ennis.jpg Life of the Party is so incredibly wasteful of the talent that it has.  Maya Rudolph is in this film, and is probably the best part of it.  She has some scene stealing moments, but really doesn’t do much ultimately.  Heidi Gardener from SNL, who is very talented is also wasted in this movie. Along with Chris Parnell, who does virtually nothing.  The film clearly sets up a romance between he and McCarthy’s character, but must have cut the scene where they eventually get together, because it never happens for some reason. Melissa McCarthy usually plays one of two characters–sweet and innocent (this movie) or scary and intimidating.  She does her usual stuff in that category, and its tolerable.


Life of the Party makes sure to hit on all of the usual comedy troupes.  Characters eat something, and then learn that it actually has weed in it.  We’ve only seen that twenty times.  And when the going gets tough at the end,  the kids must throw a party to save the day.  What is only thing that would save this party?  Why a celebrity cameo of course!  Debby Ryan is also in this film, and she plays the most standard template of a mean girl character that I’ve ever seen.

mv5bnzgwnmzmntitndlhzs00yte3ltkymzmtmjazndjizdayywm1xkeyxkfqcgdeqxvyntuwotkzmzy-_v1_.jpg There really isn’t too much to say about Life of the Party.   It is your typical throwaway comedy.  It doesn’t do anything different, but does have one pretty hysterical scene.  There are some funny moments, but overall its just another comedy that is below par.



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