Bad Samaritan

04bad-samaritan-1-articlelarge.jpgA young valet breaks into a man’s home and discovers a terrified woman who’s chained and gagged. After notifying the police, he soon becomes the target of the psychopath’s wrath as he tries to rescue the victim that he left behind.


Bad Samaritan might be the worst movie title of all time, but the film itself isn’t all that awful.  The premise is actually pretty intriguing, and it does a fair amount to capitalize on this.  The main problem is that Bad Samaritan is way over ambitious.


When the film stays grounded it is a pretty entertaining ride, but when it decides to lift its feet off the floor it falters heavily.  The main character of the film finds a woman being held captive in a house that he is trying to rob, and instead of keeping the characters in the house, and playing the movie out on a small scale, it tries to make it a bigger spectacle out of it.  This had potential to be like Don’t Breathe, but instead tries a little too had to be like Silence of the Lambs.


David Tennant is the driving force of this movie, and it is much better when he is on screen.  Some of the run time is just absolutely meaningless, but some parts are incredibly tense.  If Bad Samaritan is good at one thing in particular, it’s building tension.  The direction isn’t bad, but the low production value is evident.  It is a shame that this film plays out on the scale that it does.  With its premise, and a more grounded approach, along with David Tennant this could have been a horror gem.  The end product isn’t all that bad, but the wasted potential is clearly there.



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