Avengers: Infinity War (SPOILER FREE)


How do you even review a movie like Infinity War?  There has never been a film with more hype than this one, except maybe The Force Awakens.  10 years building to one movie is an experiment, and it has been a successful one for sure.  Infinity War was considered to be the conclusion to the first phase of the MCU for a long time, except it wasn’t quite a conclusion.


The novelty with this movie is definitely watching all of these characters we’ve gotten to meet separately interact with each other.  Watching all of these characters interact was easily one of the most enjoyable aspects of the movie.  Infinity War gives each one of these personalities just enough time to shine, and is smart enough to pair all of the characters where they are best suited to work well off each other.  Out of all the films in the MCU, this one might have the best performances.  Robert Downey Jr. could play Tony Stark in his sleep at this point.  Josh Brolin is unbelievably good as Thanos, and was definitely the right choice to play the mad titan.   Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana and Benedict Cumberbatch were the other standouts to me.  It is easy to forget how great of actors they are with how effortless it is for them to disappear to into their characters.


The only real issue with Infinity War is how busy the film is.  This sort of plays as both a good, and bad thing.  Good because the film is non stop entertainment, and bad because you never get a second to breathe, and take in what is happening.  This is a film that requires a delicate balancing act in order to get every character some screen time.  For the most part, it does a good job of this considering the circumstances.  Sometimes characters, and moments can get lost in the shuffle, and things can kind of blend together in the end.  It manages to be funny, dark and thrilling all at the same time, and I feel like that all you could ever ask for as a fan.


It feels like I’m sidestepping most of the praises and criticisms that I have for the film, but it is hard to get into anything without touching on spoilers.  Before I saw just about every movie that came out, I would easily get caught up in whatever I was watching. and then realize that it was just a movie and not real life.  Infinity War brought me back to those days, as I was so swept up in everything that was happening, and the sheer spectacle of the movie.  This is one of the best theater experiences I’ve ever had, and the sheer audacity that Marvel operates with here was completely unexpected.  This is going to be a movie that people will still be talking about 30 years from now.  That’s all I can really say, I’m speechless to be honest.

avengers-infinity-war-2560x1440-war-machine-vision-scarlet-witch-12889 copy



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