Rampage is a new movie where The Rock, and his friend a giant gorilla save the world from a giant crocodile, and a giant wolf.  If this sounds interesting to you will probably think that this movie is just okay.  If that doesn’t sound interesting to you probably won’t watch this movie so it really doesn’t matter anyway.


Rampage is utterly ridiculous, and that is pretty much expected.  It is by definition a “popcorn movie.”  There is not much beyond the surface, and not really much on the surface either, but this isn’t the worst movie you’ll see by any stretch.  It’s cheesy, it’s stupid, and it’s good enough to kill 2 hours.


If I’m going to pick this movie apart, I guess I can start with the cheesy dialogue.  This movie has some real cringy stuff.  This isn’t really shocking, but hey it’s there.  There really aren’t any character arcs, to be honest the gorilla probably has the best arc in the movie.  Speaking of characters, they tend to show up, and then just disappear shortly after.  The Rock functions as a demigod of sorts in this movie.  He survives everything, and probably should have died like 5 times.


There really isn’t much more to say about Rampage, other than it is cheesy, ridiculous, and a little bit entertaining.  If you have nothing to do for two hours this movie wouldn’t be a complete waste of time. If you are planning to see it, you might be best to just skip the trip to theater, and wait until you can watch it at home.


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