Blockers is a new comedy that follows 3 high school girls that make a pact to lose their virginity on Prom Night, and also their parents that try to stop them.  This is a movie that does just enough to elevate itself over the standard teen sex comedy.  While at surface level Blockers doesn’t seem to be that ambitious, it is able to do a lot with a fairly simple premise.  This film both depicts parents learning to let their kids grow up, and also kids learning to make their own decisions.  While Blockers does fall into the usual raunchy comedy troupes, it is an enjoyable watch with more than just surface level humor.


Like a lot comedies today Blockers does spoil, quite a few important parts in the trailer, but there is still enough laughs to be had.  John Cena is the main source of those laughs, as he plays the stereotypical, but also quirky protective dad.  Leslie Mann, and Ike Barinholtz are great too.  All three of the parent characters are coming from different situations, and they all work well off of each other.  This choice to make all of these characters different from a parenting standpoint, makes the movie relatable to everyone.

blockers-review-sxsw.jpg The biggest problem I have with this movie is some of the characters.  There really wasn’t any redeeming factor for any of them.  They all kind of do things without consequences.  This film also relies quite a bit on the usual troupes that raunchy adult comedies usually do.  There really isn’t anything that is unique about Blockers other than its great way of balancing moral message with its raunchy comedy.


One of the most interesting things about Blockers, is the 3 high school girls and their friendship.  Just like the parents, they all have different personalities that work off of each other.  They are different enough to be unique, but also similar enough where it’s not surprising that they are friends.  The three girls learn how to make decisions and also the consequences of mistakes.  The parents seem to steal all of the laughs from their kids though.  The best part of Blockers is that the screenplay is silly, and still manages to be smart as well. This movie is a fun watch, but probably nothing that is going to blow you away.  It has a lot to say, but luckily doesn’t do it in a way that comes across as preaching.


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