A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place is a new horror thriller directed by Office alum John Krasinski.  In this movie, the world has been attacked by some alien/monsters  that have a heightened sense of hearing.  A Quiet Place depicts a family as they deal with their lives after these monsters have attacked.  Emily Blunt who is Krasinski’s actual wife, plays his fictional wife in the film.  This was a very old fashioned thrill ride, and well worth checking out.


I think what impressed me the most about A Quiet Place, was the family dynamic that it has.  While this is a technically a horror thriller, at its core it is very down to earth family drama.  It was entertaining to watch these characters go through the normal things that families go through, but against the backdrop of this constant threat of making a sound.  The relationships between the parents, and these kids was easily one of the best parts of this film.  The father/daughter relationship here also was really touching.  I think some of the best horror films have something beyond just scary moments, and A Quiet Place definitely does more than just try to scare the audience.


Just as Jordan Peele showed that he is more than just a comedic personality last year, Krasinski does the same here.  Is it just me or do comedic actors have a talent for directing horror movies?  Krasinski is able to showcase how talented he is, as this movie is incredibly visual.  You can tell that he had a concrete understanding of the story as he is able to tell the viewer so much through just the visuals.  His acting is also on point here along with the rest of the cast he assembled.  Emily Blunt is great, but the child actors stole the show.  Millicent Simmonds who plays the young girl is incredibly good.  She plays a deaf character, and is deaf in real life.  This was a great casting choice, as she was so entirely connected to her character.  Her performance was one of my favorites of the year so far.


I never thought that I would see a film that used silence better than Don’t Breathe did a few years ago.  A Quiet Place takes what made that film so special, and amps up the stakes.  There really isn’t any give with this gimmick either.  If a character makes any kind of sound, they are essentially dead.  This keeps the pressure up throughout the entire film.  The silence fills the theater, and makes the audience uncomfortable throughout.  Try to see this film in the quietest theater you can find as it amps up the tension even more.   There is a little bit of reliance on some jump cares throughout the movie.  This wouldn’t be such a terrible thing, but considering how well the film does normal tension building, the jump scare come off as cheap in comparison.  The first thirty minutes or so felt pretty repetitive to me as well, as it felt like we were just watching the family do the same thing for the beginning part of the film.


Overall, A Quiet Place is a tense and incredibly well directed horror film.  I don’t think I would go as far to call it the horror masterpiece that some have, but it is a damn good movie for sure.  John Krasinski shows some real talent as a horror director, and I’m really excited to see what he does next.  Most impressive is the way that this movie is able to balance the family dynamic  along with its tense horror backdrop.  Honestly this probably should have been a Cloverfield movie.




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