A Wrinkle In Time

A Wrinkle in Time is Disney’s newest film, and is directed by Ava Duvernay.  I am a fan of her work and I was looking forward to this movie because it seemed unique, and different than a lot of the safe investments that Disney is usually focused on.  That said, I was pretty let down by this A Wrinkle in Time overall.


While the majority of this film looks absolutely gorgeous, there are certain special effects that just missed.  This is questionable to say the least considering this a movie coming from Disney.  This movie felt terribly longer than it actually was, and the pacing came off in a very jagged way. Some of the acting is way off, and that was surprising too. Storm Reid was pretty good as the lead, although she could have shown a bit more emotion at some things.  Like when there is a woman the size of a skyscraper in your backyard you’d probably be shocked, and she isn’t for some reason.  The narrative is just filled with problems and things that don’t make sense, maybe if you aren’t looking that deep you can get past them, but I couldn’t.


  I think that throughout my lifetime Disney has been fantastic at just about everything they’ve done.  A notable exception to this would be, Tomorrowland which came out in 2015.  I didn’t think it was an awful movie, but I remember walking out a little disappointed.  I had the same feeling of disappointment here, but with A Wrinkle in Time I was massively disappointed.  While Disney has had some other misses, this might be one of the biggest.  Luckily they still have Black Panther reigning dominant at the box office.  This movie had some great intention, but the execution was just not there unfortunately.


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