Game Night

Game Night is a new comedy starring some big names in the genre like Jason Bateman, Rachel McAdams and also some talented newcomers that mostly came over from TV.  Brooks who is played by Kyle Chandler organizes a game night between his brother played by Bateman and some other couples.  He announces that the party will be based around a kidnapping mystery, but after awhile the players start to ponder whether everything is what it seems.

Game Night Movie

This movie is a testament to just how good some comedies can be if some thought and effort is put into them.  Most modern day comedies end up being just being cash grabs based around sex jokes.  These films can be taxing and have led some people away from the genre as a whole, but Game Night is the diamond in the rough that might lead some people back.  There is some real effort put into this movie from every standpoint.  From the performances, to the writing, to the direction and all the behind the scenes work you can really see there was significant effort put into this movie and the result is an absolute comedy gem.

Jesse Plemons Gary game night.jpg

The first major positive from Game Night is the cast.  Bateman and McAdams have some great chemistry and work well off each other.  Sharon Horgan and Billy Magnussen along with Lamorne Morris and Kylie Bunbury also shine in the chemistry department.  This cast functions great together and it was highly enjoyable to see their interactions with each other.  Game Night is smart enough to know how good of a cast it has and it takes full advantage of this by giving each cast member some time to shine.  The real scene stealer in this movie however is Jesse Plemons.  He is unbelievably good as Gary and provides gut busting laughs just about every time he is on screen.  Plemons hasn’t really been a comedy star throughout his career, but after Game Night that might be the direction he is headed.  If anything hopefully this film gets him some more exposure because he’s really damn talented.

Game NightIf I had one complaint with Game Night it would probably have to do with some of the subplots it has.  There is a lot of time spent between Bateman and McAdams’ characters on if they should have a kid or not.  This is meant to add a more emotional appeal to their characters, but I could have done without it truthfully.  Game Night never overplays its gimmick which is pretty refreshing and luckily never gets too serious about what is happening and the amount of danger its characters are in.  This is a movie that knows what it is, and isn’t trying to be anything more than that.


I think when people go see comedies they above all just want to be entertained.  Game Night is an entertaining movie, it isn’t anything groundbreaking but you are sure to have a good time watching it.  I think it we will be popular for years to come on the dvd/blu ray or streaming market because of how light hearted and watchable it is.  While the comedy genre has been in a bit of a rough patch, Game Night breathes some much needed fresh air into the genre.

Game Night

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