The 15:17 to Paris

The 15:17 to Paris is the true story of the 2015 thwarted terror attack where three men saved many lives by taking action.  Clint Eastwood made a very ambitious choice when he cast the actual heroes that this event happened to, and for the most part that decision paid off.

The 15:17 to ParisWhile watching the 15:17, I couldn’t help but feel that this movie probably should not have happened.  With no disrespect to the extraordinary men, this is a story that belongs in a documentary not a feature length dramatized film.  While the train scenes are very well done and tense as can be, the rest of the film exists only to back up that these guys are just normal people.

15:17 movie

The entire film up to the train sequence, is hopelessly meandering and nothing of much merit really ever happens.  The screenplay is painfully choppy, and the beginning where the characters are children is boring with a capital B.  The best part of the 15:17 is how well the real life heroes play themselves.  It does play in an awkward way for a few scenes, but when you’re trying to recreate something that tends to happen.  I’m keeping it short, because the point is pretty simple.  While this is an interesting and incredible true story, it would have been much better as a documentary or TV special with a few dramatized parts.



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