The Disaster Artist


Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero become friends after meeting each other in an acting class in San Francisco. Hoping to achieve Hollywood stardom, Sestero moves to Los Angeles and signs on to appear in his buddy’s project. Financed with his own money, Wiseau writes, directs and stars in “The Room,” a critically maligned movie that becomes a cult classic.


The Disaster Artist is the true, and unbelievable story about how the worst movie ever made: The Room came to be.  James Franco is fantastic as Tommy Wiseau the director and star of the room.  His brother Dave plays Greg Sestero, who is Wiseau’s best friend and the writer of the book from which the movie draws its inspiration.  This movie was an absolute blast, and if you’ve seen the Room it won’t be possible to watch this film without smile on your face.


It is easy for me to be impartial to this movie considering how much I love the Room, and Sestero’s book.  The only real issue that I can find with the Disaster Artist, is that the run time could have been a bit longer.  Having read the book, (which I totally recommend) I felt like there is more to this story that could’ve been told.  This film moves incredibly fast, and an extra 15 minutes wouldn’t have bothered me.  In fact, after it was over I was practically begging for more.


James Franco is absolutely perfect as Tommy Wiseau.  This is one of the best comedic performances of the past few years.  Wiseau is an actor’s dream being such an outlandish personality and so much material to study it from.  Franco is spot on and the movie is worth watching on his performance alone.  His brother Dave is also great as Greg, and Seth Rogen has a lot of great moments as The Room’s script supervisor.  Everyone in the cast does a great job, but make no mistake this is James Franco’s movie.


I can hardly remember a time that I’ve laughed so hard at a movie.  The Disaster Artist had me in stitches throughout most of its runtime.  It is able blurs the line between humor and drama quite well.   Comedy is the dominant force in this movie, but serious moments aren’t undercut with laughs.  The Disaster Artist knows how to make you care about its characters, but also knows how to make you laugh at them. (mostly Tommy)  The book does a great job of making you feel for Tommy Wiseau and understand his many quirks, the movie wisely does the same.  The Disaster Artist makes sure you know that its characters are real people and not just fixtures in the worst movie ever made.


The Disaster Artist is the funniest movie that I’ve seen in 2017.  It seems a bit rushed and I think it could’ve used some extra time but that’s about the only flaw I could find in this extremely fun movie.  Watching The Disaster Artist was one of the most enjoyable times I’ve had at the theater this year.  It will be great to watch The Room and then The Disaster Artist back-to-back as they add another element to each other.  James Franco will blow your mind as Tommy Wiseau and at least a few gut busting laughs can be expected.  If you like the Room or just like to laugh, The Disaster Artist is a must see.



Thanks to Allied and Gateway Film Center for your hospitality.

4 thoughts on “The Disaster Artist

  1. Really lovely review! I’ve been dying to see this film as I loved the book, but haven’t managed to just yet. I can imagine that this film portrays the wonderful quirks of Wiseau, and considers him an important aspect of both the film industry and cult classics. I cannot wait to see this film.

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