Murder On The Orient Express


A lavish trip through Europe quickly unfolds into a race against time to solve a murder aboard a train. When an avalanche stops the Orient Express dead in its tracks, the world’s greatest detective — Hercule Poirot — arrives to interrogate all passengers and search for clues before the killer can strike again.


Murder on the Orient Express is the remake of the classic 70s film and famous novel by Agatha Christie.  I had a decent time with this film, but I didn’t love it as much as I had hoped I would.  Being a sucker for old timey films like this, it was great to see a film being made (remake or not) that seems like an ode to older films.  All of this considered, riding on the orient express was a bit of a clunky ride.


Kenneth Branagh has the tough task of making this old tale worth going back to revisit and relevant again.  For the most part he does a pretty good job both as a director but more so in his performance as Hercule Poirot.  The two best things about this movie are Branagh as Poirot and the excellent production design.


The problem with Murder on the Orient Express for me was the pacing.  The film kind of hums along as a sluggish pace until a lightbulb goes off in Poirot’s head and then the film kicks into superspeed.  I also feel like a lot of the backstory we are given is rushed and not explained as clearly as it needs to be.  The film kind of leaves you in the dark at points and the conclusion feels a lot more anti-climatic than it should.


Overall, I had a pretty good time with Murder on the Orient Express, but I couldn’t help but feeling a bit let down.  If you’re sick of the usual movie releases and miss seeing whodunit mysteries on the big screen, Murder on the Orient Express won’t quite fill the void but it does suffice.


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