The Babysitter


The events of one evening take an unexpected turn for the worst for a young boy trying to spy on his babysitter.

the babysitter netflix main (Custom)

The Babysitter is Netflix’s newest original film, a horror comedy about younger kid, his babysitter and this cult that she is apparently in.  I was admittedly kind of excited for this one, it looked just dumb and fun enough to be a good time.  The problem with the Babysitter is that it is just trying to hard.


The Babysitter is very aware of what it is, just maybe a little too aware.  It’s wacky and dumb but it seems like it just becomes too over the top.  The story has some serious potential and it should have much better than it was.  In several instances the dialogue seriously undercuts the character’s motivations.  This satanic cult suddenly stops being evil when there’s a good joke to tell.  This movie is trying so hard to be funny that it just forces jokes where they don’t really fit into the story it’s trying to tell.  The Babysitter is over the top as it should be but it sometimes borders the line of just kind of ridiculous.  Like a makeout scene with the main character and Bella Thorne lasting a minute in slow motion with “I want Candy” playing in the background….just maybe a notch over the line by my perspective.


In all honesty there is some fun to be had with The Babysitter.  I just sense that it has so much untapped potential that it just fails to realize because it’s too busy tripping over itself.  The Babysitter is well aware of it’s audience and it leaves little bread crumbs to follow throughout and pretty lets you know how everyone is going to die, although it sets things up there’s really nothing to figure out for yourself.  It definitely isn’t afraid to employ Chekhov’s gun and it rarely shows you anything that isn’t going to show up later.  The problem is that it makes this blatantly obvious and directly shows you there’s nothing you really have to keep your eye out for because it’s right there in front of you.


The Babysitter is self aware and it isn’t “terrible.”  It’s dumb and fun at points, and I don’t think it ever hits the point of being unwatchable.  The Babysitter is honestly something that’s hard to criticize because it’s stupid and it knows it.  It’s a popcorn movie not much else and that’s fine.  If you want to kill an hour and a half this October, I can’t say that it’s a total waste of your time.


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