Sing Street

Writer/director John Carney who directed the award winning Irish musical “Once” is back directing another film about Irish and musical roots.  The essential premise of of Sing Street is a young boy meets a girl and starts a band only just to impress her.  As seen in the film’s tagline “Boy meets girl, girl unimpressed, boy starts band.  Sing street is a down to earth musical that knows its purpose and never tries to be anything that it is not.  Showing the relationships that can be built through music and just what it can unleash in characters.  Sing Street has the makings of a coming of age musical but with a very rough edge.  Sing Street has a very distinct and loud 80s vibe shown by Carney’s attention to detail.  The portrayal of 1980s Ireland is also very impressive and realistic.  The distinct underlying meaning in Sing Street deals with identity and discovery.  As again elements always present in coming of age films.  Coming of age films usually come with their fair share of flaws but Carney expertly avoids them and keeps the film on track throughout.  The stellar performance comes from our main protagonist and especially the character of his brother played respectively by Ferdia Walsh-Peelo and Jack Reynor.  Sing Street is a fantastic coming of age musical with a fresh rough edge.

Grade: 8/10

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