Summer 16-One of the Worst Summer Movie Seasons Ever?

Now with the summer behind us, was the summer movie season of 2016 one of the worst ever?  It was certainly one of the worst in recent memory.  In a summer full of reboots and rehashes of popular franchises, all of which for the most part disappointed.  Even a disappointing summer will usually include its hidden gems but not 2016.  I wouldn’t say that this year has been a complete disaster it has its fair share of decent and even “pretty good” films, just nothing that makes you want to go straight back to the theater for a second watch.

That brings me to some points:


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The summer with two great blockbuster in Marvel’s Civil War and Pixar’s Finding Dory.  Both of these films were a huge success that being critically and financially.  Now lets move on what should have also been blockbusters this year.  Suicide Squad was one of my most hyped films of the year and it many ways it just didn’t deliver.  While financially the film did just fine, it wasn’t so hot with critics and most audiences seemed to be completely split on it.   What about X-Men Apocalypse? An okay movie although I will pose the argument that the X-Men films have lost their steam.  It did just “okay” both financially and critically.  That seems to be the go-to term for this summer movie season.  “Just Okay”  Unless we are talking about Independence Day Resurgence that was terrible both ways.  But honestly, what did you expect?


July 4th Weekend Image result for the legend of tarzan

This years July 4th weekend offered up The BFG, The Purge: Election Year, and The Legend of Tarzan.  They made near a combined 85 million, now let’s compare that to 2004 when Spiderman 2 made 88 million all by itself.  Anyone else see a problem here?  Where are the big releases that make the 4th of July a great time for films?  Sure a new Spielberg film should’ve garnered more interest but a Ronald Dahl story maybe wasn’t the best choice?  Spielberg usually has a tendency to take on stories that he has an interest in so maybe that influenced his choice.  All in all this was one of the worst July 4th movie seasons we may ever see.



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Also have we seen a summer movie season with so much controversy?  Not good not at all.  The root of this controversy comes from all the remakes we had.  The Ghostbusters remake made people lose their minds.  And really for no reason at all!  It wasn’t that bad…….it wasn’t good either.  People were upset 1. that it was a remake of a popular franchise that everyone loves. 2.  It was done with an all female cast which is whatever it had talent behind it but people hated it before it came out so what can you do?  However, it wasn’t just the Ghostbusters remake that people were upset about.  There was the whole Marvel pays off the critics and the DC doesn’t get enough credit movement.  Maybe DC will get that credit when they start making sub-par films.

Sequels Sequels and more Sequels

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HOW MANY SEQUELS CAN WE HAVE IN ONE SUMMER??  My goodness its crazy.  The problem is Hollywood believes the only way they can get people in the seats is to shove a proven commodity down their throats.  Movies that should never have gotten a sequel were thrown into the dumping ground that was Summer 16.  The first one was funny, but did we really need a Neighbors sequel?  Did we need a new Independence Day film?  An Alice in Wonderland sequel really???  The only  reason that film saw the light of day was because of the financial success of the first.  It was definitely not because of the  critical success.  Hollywood’s long standing belief that it needs to establish franchises to make money showed this summer and we as the movie goer paid for it.


Was Summer 2016 one of the worst summers for movies?  I certainly think that it makes it case.  Here’s to Oscar season and the some good films……hopefully.


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