Jason Bourne

With what was seemingly a dead franchise after the failure that was The Bourne Legacy, Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass return to give it one more go.  With Bourne movies you should know what to expect by now: crazy car chases, a CIA room filled with experts watching Bourne’s every move and some brutal hand to hand combat as well.  This movie has all of that as expected, but while it contains most of the usual Bourne elements it also contains some very unnecessary exposition.  There is a very unneeded sub plot that was repeatedly referenced and generally the film would’ve been fine if not a lot better without its existence.  That said this isn’t a bad movie by any stretch.  However, when you stack it up against its predecessors it falls short.  It is a film that is riddled with potential but ultimately falls a bit short in comparison to the previous Bourne films.  

Grade 7.7/10 

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