Ghostbusters Rant

Ah, I really don’t need to talk about this…….But I’m going to give my opinion anyway.  This way if it turns out to be halfway decent, I can say I was against it from the beginning. This is somewhat of a follow up on what Jesse wrote a month ago. You can read it here.

So by now you may know that the Ghostbusters trailer has become one of the most disliked videos in YouTube history.  I just can’t get over the backlash and the fighting over this movie.  Ughhhhhhh.

First things first: I don’t think this movie needed to be made.  I honestly believe Ghostbusters is one of those film(s) that should’ve been left alone, and holds up as a classic.  Sort of like Back to the Future: PLEASE DON’T REBOOT IT.  However this film is here: so hey lets all get on the computer and complain about it.  What I really hate is when people call this movie a cash grab.  No kidding.  EVERY MOVIE EVER IS A CASH GRAB.  Does Marvel throw money at Civil War with the hopes it makes no money?

I’m not gonna bring the whole feminism thing into this, but the entire claim that you are a feminist if you end up enjoying the movie is ridiculous or the whole you hate women if you don’t go see it.  Don’t be ignorant.  A lot of backlash has also been pointed at Leslie Jones and I don’t get that at all.  In my opinion she is a very talented comedian and I’m a fan of her work.  Melissa McCarthy not so much, but hey what does that matter.

I think my honest opinion is that “If you don’t want to see this film…….then don’t”  It’s that simple!  As far as the trailer goes, I don’t think its that bad.  Some of the jokes surely miss, but I don’t hate it.  I just don’t get the all the hate.  So yeah I’m going to give it a chance but like everyone else I’m not expecting much.

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