2016 Halfway Point Movie Lists

Here are my  top 5 lists for 2016 movies so far and some yet to come!

Disclaimer- I am yet to see Everybody Wants Some and X-Men Apocalypse


5. The Fifth Wave- 1st Act was great-the rest went downhill, fast

4. Fifty Shades Of Black-Aren’t spoof movies supposed to be funny?

3. Gods Of Egypt- Sooooo Soooo Bad

2. The Darkness- It’s not #1 because Kevin Bacon tried, he really did

1. Norm of The North- This movie stars Rob Schneider as a polar bear, that’s all I’m going to say.

Best Movies of 2016 SO FAR

5. The VVitch- Perfectly Executed Horror Movie

4. Deadpool- Hilarious Superhero Flick

3. Captain America Civil War- Favorite Marvel Movie since GOTG

2. 10 Cloverfield Lane- Awesome Thriller- for some reason I haven’t seen it twice yet

1. The Nice Guys- Perfect Screenplay-Perfect Movie




10. Silence- It’s Scorsese

9. Birth Of A Nation- Sundance really liked this one so I probably will too

8. Finding Dory- Sequel to my favorite animated film

7.  Jason Bourne- FINALLY

6.The Maginifcient Seven- One of my favorite directors taking on a classic western remake with Chris Pratt

5. The Neon Demon- Refn films are hit or miss for me. High hopes for this one

4. The Conjuring 2- Please be good

3. Dr. Strange- Benedict Cumberbatch is a perfect casting choice


2. Star Wars Rogue One- I wasn’t excited for this but the trailer blew my mind

1.Suicide Squad- Good cast-Good movie?

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